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Published on Fri, Apr 09, 2021, by doma team, working from Bristol, UK.


When to resort to shell scripts:

When to search for an alternative

Shell scripting is dangerous, use shellcheck and limit yourself in idioms used

Computer consoles are the second most important UX improvement in computing, surpassed only by window managers. Consoles went a long way from allowing the computer user to enter programs to be executed by a single-process operating system to converting them into toolboxes. …

Published on Tue, Mar 30, 2021 by doma team, working from Bristol, UK.


Role of parsing in computing

Data processing is a pillar of computing. To run an algorithm, one must first build up some data structures in memory. The way to populate data structures is to get some raw data and load it into memory. Data scientists work…




Python and C++

All the time, ideas…

From CSV to XML to JSON, humans sure love their structured data. Computers like it too. If you think about it, X86 assembly is not much more than a structured data format. So is true for ELF, dwarf, protobuf…

PNGs, JPEGs and even MySQL database files are all structured binary formats. They can get corrupted, store hidden data or you might need to simply patch something inside without pulling heavy tools to work with a particular file format.

To explore a binary file at a glance, we suggest using


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